Considering a career in L&D? 3 questions

08/07/2016 JD Dillon

Odds are that most people reading this post already decided to go into L&D. After all, that is my target audience. So, if you know someone who is thinking about entering our field, forward this along. But, if you stumbled across this post


07/09/2016 JD Dillon

Wow! The title of this post is in all caps! IT MUST BE IMPORTANT! If only that’s the way things worked on the internet (now lowercase of course) … L&D has been championing the “we don’t want to be order-takers

RANT: 4 disheartening hand raise fails

06/26/2016 JD Dillon

I call upon the universally-recognized symbol for dissatisfaction above (former U.S. Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney) to express my inner discontent with a few recent presentation experiences! I have noticed a few alarming industry trends when asking presentation audiences for their insight.

Do they know what L&D does?

03/30/2016 JD Dillon

Do you know what the L&D team does here? I mentioned the idea of “lack of L&D role awareness” as a symptom of an unhealthy learning and performance ecosystem during my vSession with the ATD Forum earlier today. Coincidentally, Jane Hart asked

RANT: Why are we just talking to ourselves, L&D?

11/07/2015 JD Dillon

When it comes to our desire to evolve the role of learning and performance activity within our organizations, do you ever get the feeling that we’re just talking to ourselves?  Consider the mainstays of idea sharing in our industry … Webinars hosted L&D people

4 foundational considerations for evolving L&D

08/22/2015 JD Dillon

“Learning has changed.” I hear that assertion all too frequently as a driving reason for the need to reconsider how we do things in L&D. While I completely agree with the need for a long-overdue revolution within the learning and performance

My 5 (Current) L&D Must-Reads

08/02/2015 JD Dillon

I just came across an ATD blog post by Elaine Biech in which she shares her top 6 “go to” reads from ATD publications. That made me think about my own list and just how different it is from Elaine’s. Of

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