My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2018)

06/25/2018 JD Dillon

How do the tools that help us learn evolve from year to year? That’s the question behind Jane Hart’s annual Top Tools for Learning survey. L&D practitioners from around the world are invited to submit their 10 top tools until

My Modern Professional Learning Toolkit

11/27/2017 JD Dillon

Jane Hart – the bastion of all things modern workplace learning – recently distilled the latest results of her annual Top Tools for Learning list into a categorized framework. She has also invited other pros to write up their own

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2017)

04/16/2017 JD Dillon

Are you looking for better tools to strengthen your workplace learning and performance ecosystem? Well, here’s a great place to start! It’s time for Jane Hart’s annual Learning Tools Survey. Thousands of L&D pros from around the world will be

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2016)

06/14/2016 JD Dillon

Its time once again for Jane Hart‘s annual Top 200 Tools for Learning survey. 200? That’s right! This year’s list has been expanded – doubled in fact – to allow more tools to gain exposure. The 2016 list (presentation embedded below) includes votes from more than

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2015)

07/11/2015 JD Dillon

It’s once again time to vote for your favorite toys as part of Jane Hart‘s annual Top 100 Tools for Learning survey. To compile last year’s list,  Jane received input from 1,038 learning professionals from 61 countries. You can submit your

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2014)

08/25/2014 JD Dillon

As far as I’m concerned, Jane Hart = GOOD STUFF in the world and learning and performance. Beyond her insightful, thought-leader posts and other development offerings (which I have not experienced but hear only good things), she also drives the annual