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What if they don’t believe you?

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Imagine you are the CEO of a large retailer. For your entire career, the L&D department has been that team that’s responsible for onboarding and compliance training. Sure, they were involved in a few big projects here and there. But they’re piece was usually focused on getting information to employees …

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L&D’s New BFFs

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L&D can’t do it alone.  I’m not just being metaphorical or generically espousing the benefits of collaboration. An L&D team literally cannot operate autonomously within a typical organization. We need help from other teams to get our jobs done to the best of our ability. This isn’t unique to L&D …

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4 dimensions of adaptive learning

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Personalization is firmly embedded within our daily technological lives. Facebook tells you who to be friends with based on who are you already friends with. Netflix tells you what you want to watch based on what you’ve already watched and what people who have also watched that also watched. Amazon …