LearnGeek provides a range of professional services all focused on your ability to grow and sustain your people’s performance within the context of the modern workplace.



Trying to take your learning and performance practices to the next level? I’ll consult with your team to identify critical performance needs and accelerate your business results through the application of modern workplace learning principles.


Want to kickstart a mindset shift within your organziation? I offer in-person and virtual workshops and presentations on modern workplace learning topics to help you kickstart your team’s ability to support the needs of today’s employees. I can leverage my extensive collection of materials or build custom content to fit your organization’s specific needs and interests.


Looking for ways to advance your career in workplace learning? I provide 1:1 coaching for L&D professionals who are either new to the field or want to take their capability to the next level by applying modern learning principles.


Want to share your experiences with your L&D industry peers? I can help you improve your industry speaking skills. Together, we’ll identify and close your skill gaps. Or, if you’re new to the conference world, I’ll take you through the end-to-end experience of crafting a must-accept proposal, building an engaging presentation and delivering a unique and impactful session experience.


Want to improve your online presence? Whether your an individual practitioner looking to expand your professional network or a growing business hoping to increase your online reach, I’ll  help you activate the tools and tactics that will put your message front and center for your target audience.

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Special consideration is provided for non-profit and non-governmental organizations.