RILA Winter Summit 2022

21st Century Retail Workforce Winter Summit
February 9 – 10, 2022

Beyond Talent: Meeting the Needs of the Consumer during a Talent Shortage

The Summit is an excellent opportunity for retail executives to exchange knowledge, resource, strategies, solutions, and more. Over two afternoons of learning, growing and finding inspiration, attendees will find plenty of support and ideas from our retail-focused speakers.


Upskill to Get More with Less: How to Meet Consumers Needs in a Talent Shortage
Wednesday, February 9 @ 1215pm EST

Every location has THAT associate – the person who’s been around for a long time knows how to do everything and does a great job no matter where you put them. When staffing is tight, that associate becomes even more valuable as they plug operational gaps and make it possible to get more done with fewer people. The BIG question is: how can we turn every worker into THAT associate? Join JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect at Axonify, to find out why upskilling must become an integral part of your retail transformation strategy. JD will show you how companies are moving training out of the back room and into the aisle – without disrupting the operation. You’ll learn how to get people on the job faster, ensure they have the knowledge needed to make the right decisions and build next-level skills with personalized training that takes just 3 minutes per shift. Build a more agile and efficient retail operation by transforming every employee into THAT associate!

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Feb 09 - 10 2022


All Day


Retail Industry Leader Organization (RILA)


Retail Industry Leader Organization (RILA)
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