Retail Transformation Live

We’re in uncharted waters. Retail and consumer facing businesses are facing challenges like never before. Even before Covid-19, many retailers were already in adverse positions and needed to transform their business and their operating model. But as you know, the pandemic pressurized the situation and has forced many onto a burning platform:

Transform or decline. Now or never.

Yet, this is a time of huge opportunity. Right now, we have the chance to forge a better future. But only if we intentionally transform. We must decide to change. To do this, we must combine the latest intel and with expert instinct and design the future.

We must act. We must transform.

Retail Transformation Live will feature world class experts and tackle the biggest topics. The aim is to help you get Future Fit. Fast. Agile. Lean. And with momentum.

JD is delivering a keynote session on the critical importance of frontline employees in the future of retail.

Why people will make or break your digital retail transformation

What is your “future of retail” strategy? Ecommerce? Automation? Experience? Whatever your direction, it’ll succeed or fail on one factor: People. Learn how you can provide every associate and colleague with personalised support and rapidly build new retail skills for your next-generation retail strategy.


Jul 06 - 08 2021


All Day




Retail Transformation Live
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