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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo provides real solutions to the learning and development challenges you face today. Every part of the event is crafted to give you the practical skills you need to support your daily work.

Join us on April 20 – 22 to celebrate what works in learning and development!

JD will present at Learning Solutions 2022.

Built for Disruption: Architect an Ecosystem That’s Ready for Anything
Thursday, April 21 @ 1pm EST

Is L&D ready for what comes next? That may sound like a vague question, given that no one can predict the future. However, as we know all too well, the only constant in the workplace is change. According to Accenture’s 2019 Breaking Through Disruption report, 71% of the 10,000 companies analyzed were either in the middle of or on the brink of significant disruption—and this assessment was completed before the pandemic fundamentally changed how work is done in every industry and region. Whether it’s a new product release, a sudden regulatory change, or a major public health crisis, L&D must have the mechanisms in place to help people navigate through the next big change. We must shift our focus from programs that take weeks to months to implement to repeatable, scalable systems that enable our organizations and workers to become disruption-ready (because you can never be disruption-proof).

Let’s reimagine workplace learning through the lens of disruption. In this session, you’ll assess your existing learning strategy to determine your level of disruption readiness. You’ll map your learning and support capabilities—everything from formal training and performance support to social learning and reinforcement—to the integrated Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework. You’ll learn how to apply a persona-based approach to architecting a frictionless workplace learning ecosystem. You’ll practice applying this new framework to solve familiar workplace challenges, including change management, reskilling, and compliance. Finally, you’ll learn how to collaborate with and influence key stakeholders, including IT, HR, compliance, management, and employees. You’ll walk away with a framework for preparing your organization for what comes next, including the ability to solve today’s most critical performance problems while also helping people develop the knowledge and skill needed to be successful in the future.


Apr 20 - 22 2022


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