My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2016)

06/14/2016 JD Dillon

Its time once again for Jane Hart‘s annual Top 200 Tools for Learning survey. 200? That’s right! This year’s list has been expanded – doubled in fact – to allow more tools to gain exposure. The 2016 list (presentation embedded below) includes votes from more than

Is it OK to use your phone during a meeting?

04/19/2016 JD Dillon

No, I’m not talking about this … That’s pretty much always inconsiderate. I’m talking about something more like this … Admittedly, the photo is a bit odd given how far away the guy is positioned from what seems to be the rest

My quick take on Snapchat

04/07/2016 JD Dillon

To stick with the theme, shouldn’t this post take 10 seconds to read and then vanish forever? Anyway … What’s with all of the Snapchat conversation within L&D lately? Blogs. Podcasts. Blabs. All trying to figure out why Snapchat is “a

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2015)

07/11/2015 JD Dillon

It’s once again time to vote for your favorite toys as part of Jane Hart‘s annual Top 100 Tools for Learning survey. To compile last year’s list,  Jane received input from 1,038 learning professionals from 61 countries. You can submit your

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