5 principles for improved safety training

09/26/2018 JD Dillon

They completed a 30-minute eLearning. They went through 2 weeks of on-the-job training. They passed a 35-question multiple choice assessment. So why are your employees still getting hurt on the job? There’s a reason safety was our first priority during

In Defense of Microlearning

09/18/2018 JD Dillon

If your car starts to skid, steer it in the direction you want the car to go. Don’t over-correct or turn in the opposite direction. Steer purposefully into the skid until the issue is settled. This is solid advice for driving

Microlearning summarized

11/01/2017 JD Dillon

Last week, I delivered a session on microlearning as part of the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas. You can check out the full presentation at the bottom of this post. The overall thesis is that “microlearning” isn’t a real thing.

How to build microlearning

09/03/2017 JD Dillon

I simply define “microlearning” as learning that fits. I explored the WHYS behind microlearning in this post. Now I’d like to share my experience with the HOWs. In my session “More Than Micro – Designing Learning That Fits,” I break

How to overcome 3 popular objections to microlearning

02/28/2017 JD Dillon

Microlearning is just learning that fits. That’s it! Check out this post for my full explanation of the term. Implementing a microlearning strategy isn’t just about new content or technology. It requires a fundamental mindset shift throughout your entire organization. We

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