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A disruption-proof framework for workplace learning

In Ecosystem, Featured by JD Dillon

Does it still work? I entered 2020 with a shortlist of themes to explore. This year was going to about balance, reskilling, artificial intelligence, and frontline enablement. Then March happened. The professional conversation shifted from “that’s an interesting idea we should think about moving forward” to “we just need to …

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TikTok is (not) the future of learning

In Featured, Technology by JD Dillon

Facebook is the future of learning. Wait … YouTube is the future of learning. Hold on … Netflix is the future of learning. You see where I’m going … Over the past week, I’ve heard/read the words “TikTok is the future of learning” six times. Some came from vendors trying …

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Dealing with isolation as a remote worker

In Featured, Work Life by JD Dillon

I’m spending a few minutes every work day sharing my thoughts and practices around remote work. Yes, there are many, many, MANY organizations sharing recommendations on this topic right now. In reality, this series is just as much for me as anyone who takes the time to read it. Thank …

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12 use cases for AI in workplace learning

In AI, Featured by JD Dillon

I wrote the article “The Path to AI” for the January 2020 edition of TD Magazine. The purpose of the article was to provide a foundation for how L&D pros can begin to approach the application of AI within workplace learning. Rather than get enamoured with specific technologies or marketing …

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L&D Words

In Featured, General L&D by JD Dillon

I shared this tweet a few days ago … It started a fun online conversation … that’s still going. So I figured it would be worth expanding upon, beyond the limited context of a 135-character tweet. Words matter. Terminology is an important part of any profession. It’s a common language. …

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No one needs a Netflix for Learning

In Featured, Personalization by JD Dillon

Employees don’t need Netflix.  We have a general fascination with explaining new ideas by comparing them with popular existing ideas. “My app is like Uber but for dog walking.” “Our goal is to become the Airbnb of lawn chairs.” While there may be some cursory similarities between the new and …