Your LMS sucks because …

04/22/2017 JD Dillon

I love the cloud! I rely on it for pretty much everything I do professionally. However, during my time in corporate learning, there has been one big drawback to the cloud, and it relates to the LMS. You see, because

10 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Learning Ecosystem

05/06/2016 JD Dillon

I originally wrote this post for the Mimeo blog … Today’s organizations are more interconnected than ever. Thanks to technological evolution, cross-functional work streams, and considerable value derived from company-wide synergies, our workplaces now closely resemble organic ecosystems. In fact,

Do they know what L&D does?

03/30/2016 JD Dillon

Do you know what the L&D team does here? I mentioned the idea of “lack of L&D role awareness” as a symptom of an unhealthy learning and performance ecosystem during my vSession with the ATD Forum earlier today. Coincidentally, Jane Hart asked