In Defense of Microlearning

09/18/2018 JD Dillon

If your car starts to skid, steer it in the direction you want the car to go. Don’t over-correct or turn in the opposite direction. Steer purposefully into the skid until the issue is settled. This is solid advice for driving

No one needs a Netflix for Learning

08/17/2018 JD Dillon

Employees don’t need Netflix.  We have a general fascination with explaining new ideas by comparing them with popular existing ideas. “My app is like Uber but for dog walking.” “Our goal is to become the Airbnb of lawn chairs.” While

Every company is bad at onboarding

08/09/2018 JD Dillon

OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But it seems like every company is always in the process of revamping its onboarding process. Frankly, I’m not surprised. When I ask L&D pros about their onboarding practices, I get a

Fostering the Habit of Everyday Learning

07/26/2018 JD Dillon

What activities do you do every day? What are those tasks that, if you don’t get to them on a given day, can make you feel incomplete? For me, it’s exercise. I’ve battled weight problems my entire life. Early in

L&D’s New BFFs

07/11/2018 JD Dillon

L&D can’t do it alone.  I’m not just being metaphorical or generically espousing the benefits of collaboration. An L&D team literally cannot operate autonomously within a typical organization. We need help from other teams to get our jobs done to

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