How to run a GREAT Twitter Chat

11/28/2014 JD Dillon

Full transparency – I’ve never run a Twitter chat. However, I have participated in 100s, mostly related to the learning and performance support world. Therefore, while I’ve never been behind the scenes, I think my Twitter chat street cred¬†(which sometimes

4 Things I’m Doing to Master Monotasking

11/28/2014 JD Dillon

Multitasking is a myth. People’s minds just aren’t built to do multiple things as effectively as possible at the same time. No, I don’t have any data to back up that statement, but there are plenty of articles popping up

Reflections: My DevLearn 2014 Experience

11/11/2014 JD Dillon

It’s been 10 days since I got home from DevLearn 2014 in Las Vegas, and I’ve almost recovered! ūüôā This was the first L&D conference that I have attended but not really “attended.” By that, I mean that I didn’t

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2014)

08/25/2014 JD Dillon

As far as I’m concerned, Jane Hart = GOOD STUFF¬†in the world and learning and performance. Beyond her insightful, thought-leader posts and other development offerings (which I have not experienced but hear only good things), she also drives the annual

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