4 tactics for promoting reflection at work

05/28/2018 JD

“I’m back to back all day.” How often do you get this excuse from people when they are late to your meeting or haven’t replied to your email? I can’t stand this statement – mostly because it passes blame from

5 Must Reads for Modern Learning Pros

04/25/2018 JD

Learning professionals come from any and all backgrounds. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t go to school saying “I want to be an L&D person when I grow up.” It just kinda … happened (Thanks, Disney!). This diversity

10 MUST DOs at the 2018 ATD International Conference + Expo

04/16/2018 JD

It’s time for the year’s BIG SHOW! The annual ATD International Conference & Exposition is a unique opportunity to explore the workplace learning field from a global perspective. More than 10,000 professionals from around the world will be gathered in

Where ELSE should you be looking for learning needs?

04/13/2018 JD

The majority of L&D’s workload comes through the front door. By that I mean we are almost always handed our assignments. It could be a direct request for training. It could be a stakeholder who has identified a performance gap

What is adaptive learning?

04/11/2018 JD

I was recently asked to provide a definition for “adaptive learning.” Since the industry doesn’t have a standard definition for … well … anything, here’s what I said: The purposeful use of data, technology and content to provide the right

The Fallacy of the Social Workplace

03/24/2018 JD

Everyone at work has a mobile device with a camera. So what we’re going to do is start a website where they can upload videos they take on the job to help them share their tips and tricks with the

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