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12 use cases for AI in workplace learning

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I wrote the article “The Path to AI” for the January 2020 edition of TD Magazine. The purpose of the article was to provide a foundation for how L&D pros can begin to approach the application of AI within workplace learning. Rather than get enamoured with specific technologies or marketing …

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LearnGeek is coming your way in 2020

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WOW! That was my initial reaction when, upon returning from vacation, I took a long, hard look at the LearnGeek calendar for the first half of the new year.  Busy? Yup. Overwhelming? A bit. Exciting? Definitely!  I started LearnGeek as a way to contribute to the L&D community. My goal …

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L&D Words

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I shared this tweet a few days ago … It started a fun online conversation … that’s still going. So I figured it would be worth expanding upon, beyond the limited context of a 135-character tweet. Words matter. Terminology is an important part of any profession. It’s a common language. …

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My 2019

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How many browser tabs do you have open right now? I’m just starting my holiday break, so I’m down to 12. But I typically have another 10+ open at any given time as a pseudo task list. Besides my productivity apps, there is only one tab that is always the …

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LearnGeek is coming to YOU this fall!

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It’s gearing up to be a busy fall/winter for the LearnGeek Team! From conferences and webinars to articles and podcasts, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with LearnGeek over the next few months. September The month kicks off with an appearance on episode 34 of the Learning Uncut Podcast. …

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5 elements of a great learning culture

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“We have to build a culture of learning. “ Executives Everywhere Recently Building a learning culture is suddenly an in-vogue topic in business conversation. Of course, this has something L&D pros have been clamoring about for years. But now, executives from across the business are seeing the connection between learning …

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We built a LearnGeek App in 2 hours

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We have an app! I’ll give you a moment to let the excitement fade. The official LearnGeek App is the only place you can find ALL of your favorite LearnGeek content for quick and easy consumption. Articles. Podcasts. Events. It’s all curated into our web app for easy access. The …

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6 moments that shaped my L&D perspective

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Moments were a central theme at the recent 2019 ATD International Conference and Expo. In my reflection post on the Axonify Blog, I talked about the importance of looking at workplace learning in terms of moments rather than paths or courses. But #ATDMoments also made me think about moments that …

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What if they don’t believe you?

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Imagine you are the CEO of a large retailer. For your entire career, the L&D department has been that team that’s responsible for onboarding and compliance training. Sure, they were involved in a few big projects here and there. But they’re piece was usually focused on getting information to employees …

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5 principles for improved safety training

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They completed a 30-minute eLearning. They went through 2 weeks of on-the-job training. They passed a 35-question multiple choice assessment. So why are your employees still getting hurt on the job? There’s a reason safety was our first priority during my time at the Walt Disney World Resort – ahead …