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Marketing. Logistics. Safety. HR. Artificial intelligence is changing the way work is done. But what about L&D? While we will not be the first team to introduce AI in our organizations, we cannot risk falling behind when it comes to the impact AI is having on our workplaces.

So how should L&D teams prepare for adoption of AI-enabled technologies? How can L&D professionals apply AI to improve the impact of learning on employee performance? And, most importantly, what should the L&D function look like in an organization where AI and automation have fundamentally changed the way people approach their work? 

Featured Content

The Path to AI
TD Magazine - January 2020

JD wrote the cover story for the January edition of TD Magazine. The Path to AI explores the steps L&D professionals should take to integrate artificial intelligence-enabled technology as a foundational piece of their strategy.

AI in the Workplace Magazine

This curated Flipboard magazine focuses on the application of AI in the workplace, especially in human resources and learning and development. LearnGeek continuously flips new articles from around the internet into this magazine, which can be viewed on any internet-capable device.

ATD's 2020 Trends in Learning Technology
Association for Talent Development

JD contributed a chapter to ATD's first annual tech publication, ATD's 2020 Trends in Learning Technology. This chapter explores how L&D can prepare for and apply artificial intelligence as a foundational capability.

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