JD Dillon is the LearnGeek.

I'm JD, the founder and principal at LearnGeek, an insights and advisory group focused on helping organizations improve their learning ecosystems, enable their employees and achieve their business goals. 

For the past 20+ years, I have worked in operations and talent development with some of the world's most dynamic organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, KaplanBrambles, and AMC Theatres. Today, in addition to my work with LearnGeek, I'm the Chief Learning Architect with Canadian learning technology company Axonify, where I collaborate with an award-winning team to build technology, content and services that enable frontline employees around the world do their best work every day.

Through LearnGeek, I explore a wide range of workplace learning and performance topics. I have spent considerable time over the past 5 years focused on topics such as:

  • Modern Learning Mindsets and Ecosystems
  • Workflow Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalized and Adaptive Learning
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Onboarding
  • Digital Transformation

I regularly publish content on these topics through a multitude of industry channels, such as LearnGeek Blog, Axonify Blog, Learning Solutions MagazineTD Magazine, CLO Magazine and Training Magazine. I am also a frequent speaker and keynoter at both regional and international industry events, including the ATD International Conference & Expo, ATD Core 4, ATD TechKnowledge, Learning Solutions, DevLearn, SHRM Conference and Training Magazine Conference. 

Review my LinkedIn profile for more details on my professional experience. 


I facilitate a variety of education sessions within the global workplace learning community. These include conference sessions, workshops and online webinars. Visit the SPEAKING section of this website for my full LearnGeek event schedule.


I regularly advise teams on their workplace learning and performance visions. I meet one-on-one with a practitioner to help shape their initial perspective. I also facilitate ideation workshops with L&D and HR management to challenge the organization's overall perspective on learning.


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I am passionate about supporting professional development within the workplace learning community. I regularly meet with peers and influencers to improve my understanding of the state of the industry. I am always open to having a conversation with an L&D professional who is looking to improve their practices or share their experiences.