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That was my initial reaction when, upon returning from vacation, I took a long, hard look at the LearnGeek calendar for the first half of the new year. 

Busy? Yup. Overwhelming? A bit. Exciting? Definitely! 

I started LearnGeek as a way to contribute to the L&D community. My goal is to provide workplace learning professionals and stakeholders with practical insights and resources they can use to improve their practices in order to help the people they support do what they do – better. 

We leverage a growing variety of channels, including conferences, webinars, magazines, videos, newsletters and blogs, to share ideas and engage the community. Our continued partnership with Axonify provides us with even more awesome sharing opportunities. It also keeps us grounded in the everyday realities of the modern workplace. 

Here’s a breakdown of what we have scheduled so far in 2020.


  • I’m making a renewed commitment to the LearnGeek Blog after a bit of a slow down last year. Look for at least 2 new articles every month on this site. They will also appear on our mobile app alongside all other LearnGeek content. 
  • My “In Real Life” column is returning for its 5th year in Learning Solutions Magazine. Each month, I share ideas for how to transform workplace learning strategy to meet the needs of today’s employees. January’s edition explores the latest version of the LearnGeek Hype Cycle.
  • Axonify and I will continue to publish our monthly Take 5 Email Newsletter. Each edition features a topical video along with curated content from around the industry.
  • I am continuing to host a 30-minute live demo of the Axonify learning platform every other Tuesday. You can register for an upcoming session here.


  • TD Magazine featured my article “The Path to AI” on the cover of their January edition. I shared my concerns and recommendations for how L&D should approach the forthcoming rise of AI-enabled tech within workplace learning. 
  • I wrote a featured story for the January edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine. I explored the current state of the CLO role by reflecting on how it has progressed alongside the ever-changing workplace. 
  • I’m joining Ray Jimenez for an episode of the online talk show SE-Cast on January 16. Topic: learning in the flow of work.
  • I refreshed the entire LearnGeek website and added a portfolio section for content I share on other channels.


  • The month kicks off with the all-new ATD TechKnowledge in San Jose, California (February 5 – 7). I’m facilitating 3x during the conference, including a main stage SUPER session (modern learning tech ecosystem), playground discussion (how to become a disruptor) and education session (climbing the AI ladder). 
  • In the middle of ATD TK, I’m facilitating a webinar in partnership with Training Industry (February 6). We’ll be discussing practical strategies for reskilling today’s frontline workforce.
  • I’m not currently scheduled to attend Learning Technologies UK (February 12 – 13), but I will definitely be supporting the on-site Axonify team from afar. 
  • I’ll be hosting another webinar on Febuary 13, this time with Chief Learning Officer. We’ll be exploring 4 familiar challenges L&D must overcome (onboarding, compliance, engagement, content) in order to enable long-term transformation.
  • I’m appearing on the livestream/podcast Learning Tech Talks on February 21 to share insights into how Axonify does what it does.
  • I’m headed to Amelia Island, Florida on February 23 for the HR Management Institute East event, where I’ll share ideas for how organizations can help employees balance everyday performance with long-term development.
  • Then it’s back home to Orlando for Training 2020, February 25 – 26. I’ll facilitate two sessions during the conference: Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem + Helping L&D Climb the AI Ladder.
  • I suggest shifting from “performance management” to “performance enablement” in an article for the February edition of Training Industry Magazine.


  • My event schedule is back-loaded this month, starting with the ATD New England Area Conference on March 27 in Boston. Topic: Getting Started with AI in L&D.
  • Learning Solutions in Orlando is one of my favorite events on the L&D calendar (March 31 – April 2). My focus on data and technology will continue during this conference in the session Prepare for Impact: Getting Started with AI in L&D.
  • I share my approach for “onboarding that never ends” in the March edition of Training Magazine



  • Time for the BIG SHOW. I’ll be facilitating 3x during the ATD International Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado (May 17 – 20). Education session: Finding the Balance in Modern Workplace Learning. Panel: How Do I Build a Modern Learning Technology Ecosystem. Third session: TBD.
  • I’m headed straight from Denver to Auckland, New Zealand to keynote the NZATD Conference. Topic: Finding the Balance in Modern Workplace Learning

We’ll be adding new activities as the year progresses. Give us a heads up if you’re planning to attend any of the listed events so we can connect in real life. Otherwise, please let us know what you think about the content we share online. 

Now I have to get to work …

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