The Fallacy of the Social Workplace

03/24/2018 JD Dillon

Everyone at work has a mobile device with a camera. So what we’re going to do is start a website where they can upload videos they take on the job to help them share their tips and tricks with the

Do you know Patti Shank? You should …

03/09/2018 JD Dillon

Do you know Patti Shank? If you’re in the workplace learning field, you probably should. I take that back … you DEFINITELY should! Here, I’ll help you! Her Twitter handle is @pattishank and her website is And if you

5 methods of learning personalization

03/05/2018 JD Dillon

Personalization is the next microlearning. Let me explain. L&D is notoriously trendy. Every few years, a new topic will emerge and dominate the “thought leader” universe. We then see untold number of articles and conference sessions on said topic. Every