L&D in 2018

12/31/2017 JD

It’s the end of the year. That means it’s time for “thought leaders” to grab a few clicks by predicting the future of their industries – well, at least the next 12-months worth of future. L&D is no different. For

Going beyond compliance

12/26/2017 JD

It’s almost time to begin another calendar year. For many organizations, this also means it’s COMPLIANCE TRAINING TIME! No one likes compliance training. Employees don’t see the point. Managers are forced to chase people down in the days preceding the

Kickstart curation in your workplace

12/04/2017 JD

Curation is more than a trendy topic. It’s an old-school idea with the renewed power to shift L&D mindset and enable learning and problem solving in more scalable, personalized ways. It can help you keep up with the needs of