Modern Professional Learner's Toolkit

My Modern Professional Learning Toolkit

In General L&D by JD Dillon

Jane Hart – the bastion of all things modern workplace learning – recently distilled the latest results of her annual Top Tools for Learning list into a categorized framework. She has also invited other pros to write up their own toolkit lists to get the conversation going and inspire new ideas around self-directed development.

So, here’s my modern professional learning toolkit!

Trusted Web Resources

I’m a network-first internet user. I lean heavily on resources shared via my curated PLN on Twitter and LinkedIn. From there, I’m a pretty standard Google, YouTube, Wikipedia guy. My travel schedule also affords me the time to listen to piles of podcasts on everything from L&D (plug for the GoodPractice guys) to theme parks to movies.

News & Curation Tools

Flipboard is my curation tool of choice. I use it to sort through my various social feeds, search out new content of interest and curate public magazines focused on L&D topics and events. I’m also a hardcore Swarm user. I enjoy the personal data set I’ve built over the past 7+ years of travel.

Web Course Platforms

I’ve logged into Axonify almost every day for the past 4+ years to complete my daily company training. Other than that, I don’t do all that much structured training beyond the odd Coursera offering. However, I will be hunting for new courses as I work on my coding skills moving forward.

Social Networks

Twitter remains my #1 network, but LinkedIn is quickly catching up due to a noticeable uptick in conversation. I’ve pulled together the BEST archive of Back to the Future fan art on Pinterest. I mostly use Instagram to share my hotel room number collection. Otherwise, I’m on pretty much every major social platform, but my activity is limited to the value I derive.

Personal Information System

I tend to take public notes via Twitter when permissible. Otherwise, I write everything in Google Docs. Although I have been using the simple Notes app on Mac more and more lately.

Blogging & Website Tools

This is a WordPress site. But I typically build out content in Google Docs before bringing it over.

Smart Device

I do everything on my iPhone 8+. I could be sitting in front of my laptop at my desk, and I still end up using my iPhone. Big thumbs up to the phablet screen! My iPad is a backup device used mostly for work and entertainment on airplanes.

Productivity Tools & Apps

Google EVERYTHING! I build in Docs. I find where I’m going via Maps. I know when to go there via Calendar. Gmail. Hangouts. Meet. I’m firmly entrenched in the Google software ecosystem (via Apple hardware).

Office Tools

Again, Google. I only shift to Microsoft when I need the additional power or the company requires it. The only exception is PowerPoint, again due to the need for consistency.

Communication & Collaborations

I’m a remote team member who also travels 60% of the time. I use Slack to continuously keep up with the office. Most of my meetings are via Google Hangout with the odd WebEx, Skype or conference call in between. All of my articles and presentations begin in Google Docs, which makes it easy to share with team and/or partners. I track my work with Producteev. I move larger files via Dropbox. I move myself via Lyft.

Jane is posting links to other pros’ lists on her original post. For example, check out entries from tech tool guru Mike Taylor and social sharing master Helen Blunden.

What’s in your modern professional learning toolkit?