My #LSCon 2017 Schedule

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It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! Well, maybe the SECOND most wonderful. It’s time for my FAVORITE L&D conference, the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo (with a side of Learning and Performance Ecosystem). Not only is this conference in my backyard (Walt Disney World Resort), but it’s also a great blend people, presentation and activity. Better yet, it’s not in Las Vegas!

My LSCon experience this year will be cut a bit short, as I’ll be flying out on Thursday night to speak at ATD Core 4 in Long Beach. However, I was sure to cram as much fun into my 2+ days as possible. I’ll be participating in 5 different sessions, which is my new single-event record. I also shared a few local tips in my post Your #LSCon Guide to Disney Springs to help conference goers find some quick after-hours options across the street from the Hilton.

My schedule is a bit tight this year, so I don’t know how many sessions I will actually get to attend. Regardless, it’s always important to approach a conference with plans A, B and C. To that end, here’s my LSCon agenda. In addition to my 1st choice session for each time slot, I have listed my alternative as well as a recommended session from a member of my personal learning network (PLN).

I hope to see you in Orlando later this month. Please drop me a message if you’ll be in one of my sessions, or just say HI when we pass in the halls!

Tuesday, 03/21

6pm | Presentation Roulette (ME!)

  • 8 L&D pros – including me – will face off in a battle of improv presentation delivery. 5 minutes to present. 15 slides I’ve never seen before on a random L&D topic. Hilarity for all! 

Evening plans TBD …

Wednesday, 03/22

7:30am | Morning Buzz: Adaptive Learning (ME!)

  • I’ll be facilitating an open discussion on the use of data-driven adaptive learning within a modern learning ecosystem.

8:30am | A Natty Approach to Learning and Education (Tim Gunn – GS01)

10:45am | Moving Your Organization to Continuous Learning (Frank Nguyen – ECO112)

  • ALT: Investigating Performance Using Data (Janet Laane Effron + Sean Putman – LS105)
  • SUGGESTED: Copyright and Creative Commons: How to Find, Use and Cite Resources (Stevie Rocco – LS109)

11:45am | Lunch + Expo

1pm | Building a Learning and Social-Collaborative Ecosystem in Slack (Mark Sheppard – ECO212)

  • ALT: Sticky Learning: Ensuring Transfer (Jean Marrapodi – LS202)
  • SUGGESTED: Research Says: Current Research to Inform Practice (Stevie Rocco – LS207)

2:30pm | People First! Building an Employee-Centered Learning Ecosystem (ME! – ECO312)

  • I’ll be sharing my framework for developing a continuous, user-centric learning and performance ecosystem.

4pm | The Path from Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design (Marty Rosenheck – EME107)

  • ALT: Leverage Informal Learning to Transform Your Organization: Purch’s Story (ECO413)
  • SUGGESTED:Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Building Learning into the Workflow (Steve Foreman – ECO412)

5:15pm | It’s Time for The Family Feud: L&D Edition (ME! – T108)

  • In my 3rd presentation of the day, I’ll be hosting an L&D-themed version of the Family Feud alongside the Axonify Team. 2 families of LSCon participants will show off their industry savvy for some awesome prizes!

Evening plans TBD …

Thursday, 03/23

7:30am | Microlearning (Ray Jimenez – MB24)

  • ALT: Balancing Cutting-Edge and Tried-and-True (Kristen Hull – MB20)
  • SUGGESTED: Where Do You Find Your Inspiration (Diane Elkins – MB15)

8:30am | Harnessing Creativity in a Time of Technological Change (Glen Keane – GS02)

10am | It’s Time to Rethink the LMS (Carol Leaman – EME201)

10:45am | Learning Management System Success in Six Months or Less (Jessica Salinas – ECO513)

  • ALT: Reimagining the New Hire Experience for the Modern Learner (Allan McKinley – STR202)
  • SUGGESTED: From Content Creation to Content Curation: An Emerging Critical Role (Marc Rosenberg – ECO512)

11:45am | Lunch + Expo

1pm | Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Learning in Your Ecosystem (Catherine Lombardozzi – ECO614)

  • ALT: Story: The Wholistic Design Approach (Katie Stroud – LS601)
  • SUGGESTED: Mindsets, Toolsets and Skillsets for Modern Blended Learning (Jennifer Hoffman – ECO613)

2:30pm | Speed to Relevance: Measuring the Success of a Learning Ecosystem (Adam Weisblatt – ECO714)

  • ALT: Resilience: The Future of Performance Support (Julian Stodd – ECO715)
  • SUGGESTED: Neuroscience and Learning: Wha the Research Really Says! (Will Thalheimer – LS701)

4:00pm | Panel: What’s Wrong with Evaluation? (ME! – LS805)

  • I’ll be moderating the panel of Julie Dirksen, Will Thalheimer, Steve Foreman and Megan Torrence in a discussion on the value of effective learning and performance evaluation. 

Headed to the airport and ATD Core 4 in Long Beach!

What’s your schedule look like for LSCon 2017? Be sure to say HELLO if we run into one another in a session – or hallway – or theme park attraction.

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