Learning Now Radio – Episode #15

10/22/2016 JD Dillon

The Learning Now Radio team was gracious enough to invite me to share my thoughts on workplace knowledge sharing and curation as part of their growing podcast series. Check out the broadcast below in which Lisa Minogue-White and I share ideas

My #Learning2016 Schedule

10/15/2016 JD Dillon

Anderson Cooper is coming! ANDERSON COOPER IS COMING! As far as keynote sessions go, this is one I’m actually quite excited to see – especially given the timing with everything ELSE he’s dealing with on the job nowadays. Learning 2016 will

Weighing In: Banning Devices in the Classroom

10/05/2016 JD Dillon

Earlier this week, an L&D industry peer posted the following update on their social feed: It’s demeaning and disrespectful of you as an educator and/or trainer to ban the use of a device in hand during class/training assuming “they’re probably just