My next 10 presentations in 10 sentences

JD during Learning DevCamp 2016 keynote
Keynoting Learning DevCamp 2016 in June …

Tis the season – and I’m not talking Christmas! I’m in HEAVY presentation development mode and will be for the next few months. That’s because I have 10 scheduled speaking engagements (soon to be 11) to round out 2016. Its definitely my busiest period of L&D industry activity to date. I’m starting to feel like Nick Floro (not really but I can aspire). I hope a few of the ideas and experiences I share in these presentations will inspire and inform meaningful change in the way our organizations help people do their jobs every day.

Here are 10 one-sentence summaries of my next 10 presentations …

  1. Why the LMS Doesn’t Work in Retail and Never Will | CLO Webinar (09/20)
    • Rebecca Sinclair (Perspective Management Group) and I will discuss the shortcomings of traditional learning technology within a modern retail environment and how to overcome these limitations to provide the support associates really need.
  2. Data Points: Using Behavioral Analytics to Improve Learning Outcomes | Data & Analytics Summit (09/21)
    • We’ll walk through the real-world process of leveraging behavior observation data to improve learning outcomes and achieve business results.
  3. Q&A: Putting Data Analytics in Context | Data & Analytics Summit (09/21)
    • The panel of David Kelly (eLearning Guild), Ellen Wagner (PAR Framework), Sean Putman (Altair) and I will field participant questions and examine the role of data in modern workplace learning.
  4. When the LMS Isn’t Enough – Building a Modern Learning Technology Ecosystem | ATD Ascend (09/23)
    • We’ll explore the technology requirements of a modern learning organization based on the realities of workplace learning.
  5. 9 Essential Principles for Modernizing your Learning Ecosystem | CLO Symposium Plus (09/27)
    • The panel of Carol Leaman (Axonify), Rebecca Sinclair (Perspective Management Group), Valerie Davisson (At Home) and I will explore the importance of modern learning principles and share stories regarding how we have brought these ideas to life.
  6. Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem | ATD Core 4 (09/29)
    • We’ll build the layers of a modern learning ecosystem and show how they can be leveraged to create a continuous, individualized learning experiences.
  7. Keep Your People Safe by Modernizing the Way They Learn on the Job | AGC (10/07)
    • We’ll demonstrate how a modern approach to learning, including microlearning and behavioral analytics, can redefine an organization’s approach to safety training and yield meaningful results.
  8. People First! Building a Modern Learning Ecosystem | Learning 2016 (10/25)
    • We’ll demonstrate how the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform enables organizations to foster a modern ecosystem and implement a people-first approach to learning.
  9. Reimagining Your Organization’s Approach to Knowledge Sharing | DevLearn (11/15)
    • We’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of a workplace knowledge sharing strategy, including everything from organizational culture to technology selection, over the course of an all-day workshop.
  10. Go Viral! Activating Everyday Knowledge-sharing Behaviors—at Work | DevLearn (11/18)
    • We’ll explore the behaviors people use every day to share information and solve problems in order to determine what it takes to enable and motivate similar contributions in support of workplace performance.

Will I see you at any of these events? Are you perhaps maybe possibly considering attending my session? Be sure to let me know what you think!

My next 10 presentations in 10 sentences

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