How Much Shared Knowledge Is Too Much?

08/18/2016 JD Dillon

I originally wrote this post for the eLearning Guild’s Twist Blog … If you’ve attended a presentation on workplace knowledge sharing, you’ve probably heard the Mitchell Kapor quote “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a

What can we learn from the demise of Blab?

08/14/2016 JD Dillon

What’s the deal with Blab? I had been asking this question of Blab users over the past few months as I noticed growing stagnation within the platform. Founder Shaan Puri answered my question on Friday when he shut Blab down permanently. He shared his reasoning via

5 things I do to make sure I’m on time

08/11/2016 JD Dillon

How do you do it? This was the opening statement from my peer during a recent meeting. He had joined the Google Hangout about 7 minutes late and found me waiting. He went on to ask how I manage to always be on time

Considering a career in L&D? 3 questions

08/07/2016 JD Dillon

Odds are that most people reading this post already decided to go into L&D. After all, that is my target audience. So, if you know someone who is thinking about entering our field, forward this along. But, if you stumbled across this post