My Training 2016 Conference Schedule (#trgconf)

Training 2016 Conference & Expo

Due to a fortuitous series of events, it looks like I’ll be attending the Training 2016 Conference & Expo next week (February 15 – 17, 2016) at the Walt Disney World Resort (aka my backyard). This will be the first L&D industry event I will be attending without delivering a session in a few years. It will be fun to take the attendee perspective on the conference while networking in the halls and over boxed lunches.

With only a week to go until the event, I’m just now putting together my conference schedule. As I always recommend to new attendees, its important to walk through the door with a plan – even if it’s highly flexible and bound to change as you determine the most valuable ways to spend your time.

So, here’s my list of planned Training 2016 activities, including a few alternative options. Let me know if we’ll be attending any of the same sessions, and I’m always giving away free high fives in the halls!

BTW – I also shared my recommendations for OTHER things to do while you’re in Orlando in my aptly-titled post 8 OTHER things to do while in Orlando for a conference. 🙂

Monday, 02/15

8:00am | Guerrilla Learning: Revolutionize Your Learning by Going Under the Radar (Adam Weisblatt – 115)

9:15am | Brain Teaser (Greg Gage – Keynote)

10:00am | A Mind-Bending Experience (Apollo Robbins – Keynote)

11:00am | How MOOCs are Redefining Corporate Learning (Panel – 214)

11:30am | Expo Lunch

12:45pm | Bite Size is the Right Size: How Microlearning Empowers the 21st Century Workforce (Molly Lindsay – SS05)

2:00pm | Future Forum: Emerging Technologies & Mindsets (Panel)

4:15pm | Second City Works Expo Stage: Create Collaboration in Your Ensemble (Doug Hutton – ES03)

4:50pm | Second City Works Expo Stage: Setting the Stage for Innovation (Doug Hutton – ES03)

Evening plans TBD …

Tuesday, 02/16

8:00am | Top 10 Hall of Fame Town Hall: A Conversation on Curation (Panel – TH1)

9:15am | Behind the Scenes at Pixar (Jay Shuster – Keynote)

10:00am | Creative Courage at Cirque du Soleil (Welby Altidor – Keynote)

11:00am | Crushing the Forgetting Curve: How to Design and Drive Sustainability (Dave Fisher – 404)

11:30am | Expo Lunch

1:45pm | Designing for All Screens: A Learning Experience Design Method (Sean Bengry – 513)

3:00pm | 5 Principles to Unleash the Power of Experiential Learning (Alex Greenwood – SS24)

4:00pm | AppSmashing! (Phylise Banner & Ann Musgrove – TTK10)

More TBD evening plans …

Wednesday, 02/17

8:30am | Gamification in Action: Real-World Results (Carol Leaman – 610)

9:45am | Making Your Workforce Smarter and Faster with Social Learning (Mark Hammer & Chris Nekvinda – 703)

11:00am | Launching a Performance Support Application: Strategies to Maximize Success (Michelle Kehoe – 808)

12:15pm | Speak Like a Mouse – Eight Strategies that Pixie-Dust Your Presentations (Lenn Millbower – C204)

Anyone wanna have lunch? 🙂

What’s on your can’t miss list for Training 2016? Be sure to say HELLO if you spot my JD conference badge – and if you need a few theme park tips!

My Training 2016 Conference Schedule (#trgconf)

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