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    More of this guy! Educational and entertaining.

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    "JD is inventive, detailed and was dedicated to providing the most amazing product to teach and inspire fellow cast members on all levels - hourly and salaried, part-time and long term, front-line and executives."

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    "Love JD Dillon. His energy makes any topic fun."

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    "This was the best concurrent session I've ever attended at an industry conference."

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    "I would gladly take any opportunity to work with JD again because of his unparalleled commitment and passion."

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    "JD's session was AMAZING! Absolutely relevant, informative, and forward-thinking. Thank you!"

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    "JD simplifies the unnecessarily complex, to make learning accessible to anyone who wants it."

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    "JD was really fun, informative, and quick on his feet. He gave us practical info we can use!"

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    "JD is amazing. He had an amazing rapport with the group. I got so many ideas and it was exactly what our company is going through and needs to do. He is fun and funny and looks like he's having fun doing what he's doing. Might have been the most impactful session of the whole conference­ and there were a LOT of impactful sessions! Thank you, JD!"

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    "JD tells a great story and makes everything he explains seem achievable."

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    "In my 30 years in L&D, that was the best presentation of ideas I've ever seen."