My Modern Professional Learning Toolkit

11/27/2017 JD

Jane Hart – the bastion of all things modern workplace learning – recently distilled the latest results of her annual Top Tools for Learning list into a categorized framework. She has also invited other pros to write up their own

What’s in my conference bag nowdays?

10/14/2017 JD

In 2014, I contributed a post to the eLearning Guild’s Twist blog titled “What’s in Your Conference Bag?” I explored the tools I consistently use during professional events as well as my general approach and for getting the most out of the

Your LMS sucks because …

04/22/2017 JD

I love the cloud! I rely on it for pretty much everything I do professionally. However, during my time in corporate learning, there has been one big drawback to the cloud, and it relates to the LMS. You see, because

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2017)

04/16/2017 JD

Are you looking for better tools to strengthen your workplace learning and performance ecosystem? Well, here’s a great place to start! It’s time for Jane Hart’s annual Learning Tools Survey. Thousands of L&D pros from around the world will be

4 ways I would improve Twitter

12/29/2016 JD

It was a rough year for Twitter. No buyer. That whole election thing. Minimal innovation. Layoffs. I don’t know about you, but I can feel the stagnation within my personal network. I’m not going anywhere – yet. The open, simplistic nature that

Your RFP is missing the …

11/28/2016 JD

I didn’t release many RFPs during my time in enterprise L&D. I rarely had a need to play the field of learning technology. Rather, I evaluated my options, figured out what I wanted (and could afford), and went out and got it. Now that

Weighing In: Banning Devices in the Classroom

10/05/2016 JD

Earlier this week, an L&D industry peer posted the following update on their social feed: It’s demeaning and disrespectful of you as an educator and/or trainer to ban the use of a device in hand during class/training assuming “they’re probably just

What can we learn from the demise of Blab?

08/14/2016 JD

What’s the deal with Blab? I had been asking this question of Blab users over the past few months as I noticed growing stagnation within the platform. Founder Shaan Puri answered my question on Friday when he shut Blab down permanently. He shared his reasoning via

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