5 problems with employee engagement surveys

06/19/2017 JD

Every big company I’ve worked for has done the annual employee engagement survey thing. Minus a few tactical improvements here and there, I can’t think of a big positive outcome that resulted from these years and years of survey processes.

#ATD2017 Recommends: L&D Transformation

05/12/2017 JD

More than 300 sessions and activities will be run during the 4 days of the ATD International Conference and Exposition. According to the at-a-glance program schedule, there are 17 session slots during the event, including keynotes. That means an attendee can only

5 tips for an awesome #ATD2017

05/01/2017 JD

T-minus 20 days until the biggest L&D event of the calendar year: ATD International Conference & Expo in Atlanta, GA. This will be my 7th time at the conference, 4th as a speaker. While that’s nothing compared to some of

Your LMS sucks because …

04/22/2017 JD

I love the cloud! I rely on it for pretty much everything I do professionally. However, during my time in corporate learning, there has been one big drawback to the cloud, and it relates to the LMS. You see, because

My Top 10 Tools for Learning (2017)

04/16/2017 JD

Are you looking for better tools to strengthen your workplace learning and performance ecosystem? Well, here’s a great place to start! It’s time for Jane Hart’s annual Learning Tools Survey. Thousands of L&D pros from around the world will be

My 4 Favorite YouTube Channels

04/09/2017 JD

I watch a lot of YouTube. Who doesn’t nowadays, right? Since cutting the cord more than a year and a half ago, I’ve limited myself to Netflix and YouTube content – plus the odd iTunes purchase – for my regular

5 reasons why you should attend #ATD2017

04/03/2017 JD

The annual ATD International Conference and Expo was my first foray into the L&D industry conference world several years back. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. I had been a casual L&D pro for most of my

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