JD’s Workplace Learning Hype Cycle

01/15/2018 JD

Gartner introduced the hype cycle to track the common path of new technologies – from creation and promise to disillusionment and meaningful application. Not every innovation follows this exact path, and technologies may move through the cycle at radically different

L&D in 2018

12/31/2017 JD

It’s the end of the year. That means it’s time for “thought leaders” to grab a few clicks by predicting the future of their industries – well, at least the next 12-months worth of future. L&D is no different. For

Going beyond compliance

12/26/2017 JD

It’s almost time to begin another calendar year. For many organizations, this also means it’s COMPLIANCE TRAINING TIME! No one likes compliance training. Employees don’t see the point. Managers are forced to chase people down in the days preceding the

Kickstart curation in your workplace

12/04/2017 JD

Curation is more than a trendy topic. It’s an old-school idea with the renewed power to shift L&D mindset and enable learning and problem solving in more scalable, personalized ways. It can help you keep up with the needs of

My Modern Professional Learning Toolkit

11/27/2017 JD

Jane Hart – the bastion of all things modern workplace learning – recently distilled the latest results of her annual Top Tools for Learning list into a categorized framework. She has also invited other pros to write up their own

Microlearning summarized

11/01/2017 JD

Last week, I delivered a session on microlearning as part of the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas. You can check out the full presentation at the bottom of this post. The overall thesis is that “microlearning” isn’t a real thing.

What’s in my conference bag nowdays?

10/14/2017 JD

In 2014, I contributed a post to the eLearning Guild’s Twist blog titled “What’s in Your Conference Bag?” I explored the tools I consistently use during professional events as well as my general approach and for getting the most out of the

#DevLearn 2017: L&D Transformation

10/13/2017 JD

We’re less than 2 weeks away from the L&D industry’s annual return to Las Vegas to talk all things learning technology. It’s time for DevLearn! With thousands of attendees and over 200 sessions from which to choose, preparation is critical

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