How to build microlearning

09/03/2017 JD

I simply define “microlearning” as learning that fits. I explored the WHYS behind microlearning in this post. Now I’d like to share my experience with the HOWs. In my session “More Than Micro – Designing Learning That Fits,” I break

How to beat a multiple choice test

08/24/2017 JD

I have a dare for all workplace learning professionals … I DARE YOU to share this post with employees who regularly complete your multiple choice assessments. How to beat your next multiple choice test! Don’t bother reading the questions. There’s

The 5 Magic Words of Modern Learning

08/03/2017 JD

Microlearning. Mobile. Content. Social. SCORM. Blended. Training. Facilitator. eLearning. Adaptive. xAPI. Motivation. Assessment. Personalized. Augmented. Learning. We throw A LOT of words around as workplace learning professionals nowadays! There’s nothing wrong with having plenty of fun words to describe what

5 problems with employee engagement surveys

06/19/2017 JD

Every big company I’ve worked for has done the annual employee engagement survey thing. Minus a few tactical improvements here and there, I can’t think of a big positive outcome that resulted from these years and years of survey processes.

#ATD2017 Recommends: L&D Transformation

05/12/2017 JD

More than 300 sessions and activities will be run during the 4 days of the ATD International Conference and Exposition. According to the at-a-glance program schedule, there are 17 session slots during the event, including keynotes. That means an attendee can only

5 tips for an awesome #ATD2017

05/01/2017 JD

T-minus 20 days until the biggest L&D event of the calendar year: ATD International Conference & Expo in Atlanta, GA. This will be my 7th time at the conference, 4th as a speaker. While that’s nothing compared to some of

Your LMS sucks because …

04/22/2017 JD

I love the cloud! I rely on it for pretty much everything I do professionally. However, during my time in corporate learning, there has been one big drawback to the cloud, and it relates to the LMS. You see, because

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